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my phone and it's power #INCREDIBLEZEN

This is My entry to ASUS and INTEL contest #incrediblezen.

       The last time I spent an eighteen grand(excluding the interest on the credit card), I wanted my phone to do everything. I bought it for a purpose that was to fill in the gap of a laptop,the gap of a camera, the gap of a music player. The phone pretty well stood on its money value and provided me on one hand with the utility of a good camera which kept my pondering photographer alive,and on the other with music player and chatting applications which didn't let me die of pondering.
       But I always used to think what if my phone could give me more than any phone could,or maybe more than a laptop! How it would be to have a projector in the 5 inch slab which would make it a huge screen in much bigger units of length. With a projector in my hand, I would carry a pvr in my pocket. I could watch my favourite movies without spending hefty amounts in tickets. I could also display my photographs on wide screens and plan an exhibition without planning an exhibition.
        The phones to a certain extent define the's just like a signature these days. And when I say the phone,I mean the things you do with a phone. With a phone-cum-projector in my hand, I can make difference to the education. I can go to the poor schools,which cannot afford the expensive interactive classes, and provide education in the form it is most taken. I could show them the astronomy of the stars, the biology of the animals, the math of the shapes, the history of the world. The kids could also have their snow whites and Cinderellas played, and even their Macbeths and Othellos, on the walls they lean and scribble. So the most relevant superpower my phone could get,could not only make my life easy, but would also make a few lives.


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Ode on an evanescent flower

In shades of pink and shades of white, As an armor of a plucky knight; At a certain point of day in time, Thou beauty of the summer, thou shine.
Three days for the life you wait, Three days to come off your adolescent age; Three days until that green bud sprouts, Three days until your Beauty you flout.
Awaiting a time long you once shine, At a morning that all, but you, whine; No sorrow no sign of meloncholy you show, Even though this life you live is miniscule of a blow.
Thine head held high with pride, Thine salute to the sun, big smile; Thine beauty above all at prime, Thou Beauty of summer, thou shine.
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आँखोंसे पानीरिस्ता देख लगा, थोड़ी जान बाकी


पहला ही पग रख जो देखा एक माता ने,
ना सह सकता है कोई जहाँ;
मौन थे देव सारे,
और धड अलग पडा था पुत्र का।

घुटनो पे बैठ उस माता ने चिल्लाया,
धड उठा अपनी गोध मेँ समाया;
अश्रु बह उन गालो से उतरे,
निरजीव बालक की क्षाति को भिगाया।

सीने से लगा कर रोयीं वो कुक्ष देर,
दुखी थे सारे देवगढ, और देव;
सर छुकाये थे खडे त्रिशूल-धारी भी,
इस त्रिशूल से ही भूल कर बैठे थे वे।

"किस्का है ये पाप यहाँ,
एक बालक पर करा पृहार किसने?
पुत्र मेरा है मृत पडा,
ये पाप घोर किया किस्ने?"

प्रचंड स्वरूप में आई वो देवी,
आक्रोष से थी आँखे लाल;
था क्रोध उनके उस सुंदर मुख पे,
था हाथों मे उस बालक का गुलाल।

थर थर कापी धरती उस दिन,
गगन भी भय से लगा कापने;
विराठ रूप देख उस देवी का,
आग्रह सारे देव लगे करने।

"आज कर दूंगी नाश इस सृष्टि का,
आज सूख जायेंगी नदियां और पेड;
आज कर दूंगी विनाश इन जीवो का,
कर इस आकाश को भेद।"

धरती पर लाल त्रिशूल रख,
हाथ जोड़ आऐ नीलकंठ समक्ष;
अश्रु उनके भी थे लगे बहने,
"आपका पापी है खड़ा प्रत्यक्ष।

इस बालक का हठ था कारण,
अड़ गया था द्वार पर;
समछाने पर भी समझता न था,
सज्य था युद्ध करने पर…